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Program (2016′s edition)

The Meeting takes place on Friday, February 19th, and Saturday, February 20th, at room 306 of the Nova School of Business and Economics.

Friday, February 19th 2016


8:30 AM Registration and Welcome


9:00 AM – 10:00 AM

Keynote Address: “Institutional Foundations of Coalition Governance”

Georg Vanberg (Duke University)
Presenter: Georg Vanberg


10:00 AM Coffee Break


10:20 AM – 11:40 AM


Session 1: “Conflict and Fragility”

Chair: Tilman Brueck (IGZ)
Log Run Effects of Wartime Institutions: Local Public Goods in Angola
Wolfgang Stojetz (International Security and Development Center) and Patrícia Justino (Institute of Development Studies)
Presenter: Wolfgang Stojetz
Discussant: Stephanos Vlachos

On War Exposure and Political Radicalization
Stephanos Vlachos (HEC Lausanne)
Presenter: Stephanos Vlachos
Discussant: Youssouf Kiendrebeogo

11:40 AM Coffee Break


11:50 AM – 13:10 PM

Who Supports Violent Extremism in the Developing Countries?
Youssouf Kiendrebeogo and Elena Ianchovichina (World Bank)
Presenter: Youssouf Kiendrebeogo
Discussant: Helena Schweiger
The impact of armed conflict on firms’ performance and perceptions
Helena Schweiger (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development)
Presenter: Helena Schweiger
Discussant: Wolfgang Stojetz

13:10 PM Lunch


14:10 PM – 15:30 PM


Session 2: “Governance and Accountability”

Chair: Georg Vanberg (Duke University)
On Ignorant Voters and Busy Politicians
Cristian Bruns and R. Emre Aytimur (University of Goettingen)
Presenter: Cristian Bruns
Discussant: Marcel Garz
Politicians under Investigation: The News Media’s Effect on the Likelihood of Resignation
Marcel Garz and Jil Sörensen (Hamburg Media School)
Presenter: Marcel Garz
Discussant: Agustin Casas


15:30 PM Coffee Break


15:40 PM – 17:00 PM


Who Monitors the Monitors? Effect of Party Observers on Electoral Outcomes
Agustin Casas (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid), Guillermo Díaz (CENTRUM Católica Graduate Business School), and André Trindade (Getúlio Vargas Foundation)
Presenter: Agustin Casas
Discussant: Francisco de Lima Cavalcanti
Does political alignment reduce accountability for aid relief? The Brazilian “drought industry” revisited
Francisco de Lima Cavalcanti (Barcelona Economics Institute and University of Barcelona)
Presenter: Francisco de Lima Cavalcanti
Discussant: Cristian Bruns


17:00 PM Coffee Break


17:30 PM – 18:30 PM


Keynote Address: “Vote Buying or (Political) Business (Cycles) as Usual?”

Toke Aidt (University of Cambridge), Zareh Asatryan (ZEW Mannheim), Lusine Badalyan (University of Bremen & Jacobs University), Friedrich Heinemann (ZEW Mannheim)
Presenter: Toke Aidt


8.00PM – Dinner



Saturday, February 20th 2016


9:45 AM – 11:25 AM


Session 3: “Local Governments and Public Finance”

Chair: Linda Veiga (Universidade do Minho)
When to Seek Re-Election: Local Fiscal Autonomy and Political Careers
Susana Peralta (Nova SBE) and João Pereira dos Santos (Nova SBE and Kiel Institute for the World Economy)
Presenter: João Pereira dos Santos
Discussant: Mariana Lopes da Fonseca

Lame but Loyal Ducks
Mariana Lopes da Fonseca (University of Siegen)
Presenter: Mariana Lopes da Fonseca
Discussant: Catarina Alvarez


11:25 AM Coffee Break


11:40 AM – 13:00 PM

Local Government Longevity and Fiscal Strategic Interaction: When to Care about your Neighbor’s Policy
Catarina Alvarez (Barcelona Economics Institute and University of Barcelona) and Susana Peralta (Nova SBE)
Presenter: Catarina Alvarez
Discussant: Francisco Veiga
Term limits on Portuguese mayors: do they matter?
Francisco Veiga and Linda Veiga (Universidade do Minho)
Presenter: Francisco Veiga
Discussant: João Pereira dos Santos


13:00 PM Lunch


14:00 – 16:00 PM


Session 4: “Political Institutions”

Chair: Toke Aidt (University of Cambridge)
Mechanisms of Institutional Diffusion between Societies
Krista Bruns (Utrecht School of Economics)
Presenter: Krista Bruns
Discussant: Katharina E. Hofer

Transparency in Parlamientary Voting
Christine Benesch, Monika Bütler, Katharina E. Hofer (University of St. Gallen)
Presenter: Katharina E. Hofer
Discussant: Carlos Scartascini

Don’t Blame the Messenger. A Field Experiment on Delivery Methods for Increasing Tax Compliance
Carlos Scartascini (Inter-American Development Bank) and Daniel Ortega (Development Bank of Latin America and IESA)
Presenter: Carlos Scartascini
Discussant: Krista Bruns


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