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Program (2011′s Edition)

The Meeting will take place on Thursday, September 8th, and Friday, September 9th, at the Palacete Henrique Mendonça. At 6 PM on Friday, Professor Paul Collier, will deliver a Keynote Lecture focusing on Portuguese speaking African countries and their opportunities for growth at the Museu do Oriente Auditorium.

Thursday, September 8th


8:45 AM Registration and Welcome – Palacete Henrique Mendonça


9:00 AM – 12.00 PM

Session 1: Political Economy of Development

Chair: Pedro Vicente
British Law
 Caste Identity
Guilhem Cassan (Paris School of Economics, Bocconi University and Laboratoire d’Economie Appliquée)
Discussant: Martin Ljunge
Civic Virtues, Family Ties, and Political Participation
Martin Ljunge (University of Copenhagen and SITE)
Discussant: Danila Serra
The Consequences of Being Forced to Vote: Evidence from Brazil´s Dual Voting System
Fernanda de Leon (University of East Anglia)
Discussant: Guilhem Cassan
Intermediaries in Corruption: An Experiment
Danila Serra (Florida State University)
Discussant: Fernanda de Leon

12.00 PM – Lunch


1:30 PM – 4:30 PM

Session 2: Accountability

Chair: Susana Peralta
Decentralization, Collusion and Coalmine Deaths in China
Ruixue Jia (IES, Stockholm University)
Discussant: Justina 
Living Under the ‘Right’ Government: Does Ideology Mater to Trust in Political Institutions? An Analysis for OECD Countries
Fischer (University 
Discussant: Ruixue 
Why do Good Politicians Take Bad Actions?
Margherita Negri (Université catholique de Louvain, CORE)
Discussant: Galina Zudenkova
A Model of Party Discipline in Congress
Galina Zudenkova (Department of Economics and CREIP, Universitat Rovira i Virgili)
Discussant: Margherita Negri

4:30 PM Coffee-break


5.00 PM – 8.00 PM

Session 3: Micro-Level Analysis of Conflict

Chair: Tilman Bruck
Seeds of
*Mathias Thoenig (University of Lausanne)
Discussant: Alvaro Aguirre
Targets of Violence: Evidence from India’s Naxalite Conflict
Oliver Vanden Eynde (Sticerd – LSE)
Discussant: Jean-Paul Azam
The Risk of Civil Conflicts as a Determinant of Political Institutions
Alvaro Aguirre (Central Bank of Chile)
Discussant: Mathias Thoenig
A State is Born: Transport Infrastructure and Democracy in Somaliland
Jean-Paul Azam (Toulouse School of Economics)
Discussant: Oliver Vanden Eynde

8.00 PM – Dinner


Friday, September 9th


9.00 AM – 12.00 PM – Palacete Henrique Mendonça

Session 4: Issue Biases in Representative Democracies

Chair: Micael Castanheira
Rule of Law, Institutions and Information
Randolph Luca Bruno (University of Birmingham, IZA and Fondazione Rodolfo DeBenedetti)
Discussant: Enriqueta Aragonès
Electoral Competition through Issue Selection
*Enriqueta Aragonès (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona)
Discussant: Marta Curto-Grau
Comparative Politics with Endogenous Party Discipline
*Benoît Crutzen (Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam)
Discussant: Randolph Bruno
The Returns to Partisan Alignment between Regional and Local Governments
*Marta Curto-Grau (Universitat Barcelona and Institut d’Economia de Barcelona)
Discussant: Benoît Crutzen

12.00 PM – Lunch

1:30 PM – 4:30 PM

Session 5: Political Economy of Multi-layered Governments

Chair: José Tavares
Fiscal Union Consensus Design under the Risk of Autarky
Jaime Luque (Universidad Carlos III, Madrid)
Discussant: Anil Yildizparlak
Vertical Aspects of Sub-national Deficits: The Impact of Fiscal Rules and Tax Autonomy in European Countries
Dirk Foremny (University of Bonn, Germany)
Discussant: Jaime Luque
Colonialism, Elite Formation and Corruption
Kyriakos C. Neanidis (University of Manchester and Centre for Growth and Business Cycle Research)
Discussant: Dirk Foremny
Give Peace a Chance: The Effect of Incomplete and Imperfect Information on Mediation
Anil Yildizparlak (Universidad Carlos III, Madrid)
Discussant: Kyriakos Neanidis

6.00 PM – Museu do Oriente

Keynote Address by Paul Collier

Chair: Jorge Braga de Macedo
How Lusophone Africa can harness Natural Resources for Growth – and what Opportunities there are for Portugal

8.00PM – Dinner


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